We are fortunate to have a wide variety of modern anesthetics to help us safely treat our patients. From mild sedation for a reducing stress during a minor procedure, to general anesthesia administered for an operation, we always chose the safest and most appropriate combination of medications taking into account the individual patients age and health status. Prior to their procedure, a veterinarian examines all patients and medical records are reviewed. In cases where general anesthesia is needed, a sedative is given for relaxation and a catheter is placed for intravenous fluids. Drugs are then administered to induce anesthesia and intubation is performed to deliver anesthetic gas and pure oxygen to the body. During anesthesia, we monitor our patients carefully including their pulse rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and respiratory rates. All patients are placed on circulating warm water pads during their procedures and are wrapped in a forced warm air blanket during recovery to help maintain body heat. Following recovery patients are placed back in their “rooms” and checked regularly until they are discharged. Rest assured, when anesthesia is required, your pet will have the safest and least stressful experience that modern medicine can deliver.