Wellness Budget Plans Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering these plans?

We understand that you want to provide the best possible care for your pets but that paying for quality care can be expensive. Our plans were developed to help our clients afford quality veterinary care by offering substantially discounted services paid over a twelve month period.

How much are the plans and how do I pay for them?

The cost of each plan is based on the included services discounted approximately 20% and then spread evenly over a 12 month period (18 months for puppies and kittens). There is also a one-time plan registration fee that covers our administrative costs. After the first month, plan fees will be automatically charged to your credit/debit card. All plan services and costs are detailed in separate Wellness Budget Plan handouts by plan.

Do these plans make sense for all pets? Are all pets eligible?

While we do not exclude any pet based on breed, age, or previous health issues, the services provided may not be appropriate for all pets at all ages; for instance, if you plan to leave the area in under one year, or if your pet cannot receive vaccinations for medical reasons.

Is there a deductible?

No! All included services will show at no charge on your invoice. Any included discounts will automatically be deducted from your bill.

What if my pet dies or I have to move in the middle of the plan year?

Cancellation and refund policies are reasonable and detailed in the fine print section of all handouts. All refunds due to discontinuation of the plan are based on non-discounted prices of services completed and monthly payments up to the date of cancellation.

What happens at the end of the plan year?

All plans will automatically renew at current rates on the anniversary of their acceptance. We will notify you in advance of your plan expiration date and you will have the opportunity to change or cancel your plan. Puppy and kitten plans will automatically convert to the current Basic Wellness plan