Wellness Budget Plans vs. Insurance

Our Wellness Budget Plans offer proactive, as opposed to reactive, veterinary care. While pet insurance offers coverage for many unforeseen circumstances, our preventive care approach allows us to see, treat and prevent those problems ahead of time. It’s a pet health plan you can actually use.

With our Wellness Budget Plans, we partner with you to combine physical exams, vaccinations, disease screenings and other pet health necessities into one affordable veterinary care package for your dog, puppy, kitten or cat. Beyond preventive care basics, each plan includes office visits and other services to monitor,maintain and improve your pet’s health.

In some cases it may be desirable to combine our Wellness Budget Plan with a high deductible insurance plan to cover serious illness or injury not included in our preventative plans.

Wellness Budget Plan Pet Insurance Plans
Intended to maintain and improve overall pet health with comprehensive preventive pet health care services. Generally only covers treatment for illness and injury.
Included services may always be used during the plan period. Services are used only when there is a “covered occurrence”.
Includes office visits to address any pre-existing and new pet health concerns. Does not cover any pre-existing conditions.
Fees same for all pets in species, no deductibles. Monthly premiums vary based on breed, age (some breeds excluded) Deductibles
Works like a “discount membership,” offering practical services and other savings with a free financing option. Indemnity coverage after deductible is met.