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Pre-Surgical/Dental Information

The following information will help in preparing for elective surgical or dental procedures at

Valley Veterinary Hospital:


Preparation at home- All surgical patients will need to be kept quiet indoors in a clean area for 7 days following their procedure. This may require some temporary changes at home such as separation from other pets, crate confinement, or litter box access. For dental patients, you may want to begin home dental care before your pet’s procedure by introducing brushing, an oral rinse or dental chews to have your pet get used to the procedure. All food should be removed by 8PM the night before your appointment; water can be left until 7:00 AM. Lastly, your pet will be more comfortable during their hospital stay if they have the opportunity to “do their business” prior to admission.


Drop-off- Our office is open for surgical drop-offs between 7:30 AM and 7:45 AM. You should plan to spend 5-10 minutes at drop-off, meeting with a technician to go over specific plans for the day.


Post-Surgical Report- Our surgical technician will call to let you know how everything went as soon as your pet has recovered from anesthesia. Please leave all contact numbers for the day (including cell phone) so that we can reach you promptly. If you are unable to be reached, you should call for a report after 2PM.


Pick-up- All spay or neuter and dental patients will be able to go home between 5 and 5:30pm on the same day as their procedure unless otherwise instructed.


Home Care- Detailed home care instructions will be given at the time of discharge. Important aspects of post-surgical homecare include exercise restriction as mentioned above, limited food and water initially at home, monitoring of the incision for swelling or redness, and lots of love and kisses! Dental patients with extractions may need to be fed soft food (canned or soaked in water) for 5-7 days following their oral surgery.


If you have any questions regarding these instructions or your pets’ procedure please do not hesitate to call our office.