"I often tell my husband, if I am sick, take me to the vet, my cats get better care and attention than humans do. Staff in the office area are extremely well trained and helpful and seemed to use good judgement with those of us who are regulars. My only concern sometimes is with the dog people who go on the cat side, but the layout makes it clear which side is which. It has helped a lot that the grooming side is now separate." Susan

“I've been coming here for years. My babies have always received outstanding treatment. The love for our animals is always shown.”

"My most recent visit was with our new cat, but my prior visits were with our now deceased cat.  Your team was amazing in caring for that kitty, and so compassionate, thoughtful and helpful when we euthanized her.  I always appreciated your team and services before then, but our family was in such good care in our sad time that I cannot think of taking our new kitty anywhere else.  Thank you."

"Dr Gatti is always fabulous, and Dr. Watkins called personally to check up on Rosie. Jodi was exceptionally kind and helpful with advice about teeth brushing!: We are so thankful for Valley Vet AND Valley Inn for Pets. Can't say enough, and we recommend you all the time with total confidence. Thanks!!"  L. Phillips

“I am continually impressed with the hospital. … I will also point to thorough and accurate records, the backbone of good care.”

"Dr. Joe reestablished our faith in vets because he actually cares about animals in and out of his job." – K Pepoon

"The technician Colby for Dr. Joe was super friendly and kind.Valley Vet knows how to treat their patients/pets and customers.  It is always a pleasant experience.  The prices are also very competitive which makes going there nicer on the pocketbook too!"  C. Chartier


"Even though the office is very busy, staff take the time to focus on and attend to each client in a very genuine and kind manner. The atmosphere is relaxed and my dogs are comfortable coming in which was the deciding factor in choosing Valley Vet when I was looking for a new vet. Thanks for all you do and the very professional and kind way you do it!"  J. Hanousek

" I really appreciate how flexible everyone is at Valley Veterinary Hospital. Sometimes I need to reschedule an appointment last minute and everyone is always understanding and helpful - they never act impatient or annoyed. I also appreciate the reminder calls and how frequently Dr. Gatti calls to check in and see how my cat is doing."  K Nelson

“I have been to several other veterinary offices and yours is by far the best. My cat was suffering from cancer and the vet was extremely helpful in ways we could make her comfortable and was very optimistic which made me feel a lot better. I would say that your vets should keep up their good attitudes because it makes the experience for the owner a positive one.”

“Valley Veterinary hospital over the years has become a second home to me and my three dogs. The staff and doctors at Valley Vet are exceptional and always provide the utmost professional and caring to me and my animals."

"I hope that Dr Watkins knows how very grateful I am that she detected Bobcat's heart murmur on our last visit to the office.  Another Vet had thought she heard one and then dismissed it as he was stressed and then it dissapeared. Going to Dr Watkins confirmed that my kitty did indeed have a murmur in which I then had an ultra-sound done in which heart disease was detected...now, I can treat it properly.  I am so thankful I came in for a second opinion and that Dr Watkins recommended an ultra-sound.  He had dental surgery recently with my regular vet and extra precautions were taken during anesthetia.  If it weren't for Dr Watkins, it would have been a much riskier surgery for Bobcat." L. Smith


“You are so sweet to my dog and he never hesitates to walk through your door. I think that says something right there!”

- SS, Hadley

"Mr Bentley and Ms Daisey are regular clients of Dr Ted's and are treated with the utmost care at every visit. I want to thank the staff and Dr. Ted for extending their last visit so that I could visit my aunt in the Rehab center nearby.  I was so close but could not have stopped in to see her if it wasn't for the kindness of all of you.  With my sincere appreciation for all you do for my kids!"